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Company Activity & Moto:

Varaj Engineering, the leading Process Equipments, Plant & Machinery manufacturing company, has more than 14 years of team experience in design, engineering, manufacturing & execution. Company’s strength lies in providing solutions to both individual Equipments as well as complete Plants. Varaj has products & projects all over India to its credit. Varaj has complete facility for design, manufacture, quality control & testing.

Industries covered are:

Agriculture, Fruit; Vegetable; Grains; Corns; Peas; Nuts; Spices; Milk; Food; Pharma, Chemical, Winery, Distillery, Sugar, Paper, Bio-tech/Composting/Fertilizer & so on ……

Our Domain for Product Processing :

Mixing Equipments

1. Agitator, Stirrer: With or without Tank, Reaction Vessel, Pr Vessel.

2. High Speed Mixer-GrinderFor Mixing, Grinding, Cutting effident drying.

3. Blender: For Powders, Granules.

4. Kneader, Sigma Mixer: For Kneading, Paste Mixing, etc

5. Disperser: For dispersing, particle/ globule cutting, homogenizing etc. in liquid chemicals

Refrigeration Systems

To Cool or Chill the Product. product temmmp. can be less than ambient or 0 oC.

• Applications:

• Water/Brine/Air Chilling Plant

• Block Ice, Ice Cream Making Plant

• Milk Chilling Plant

• Cold Store or Frozen Food Store

• Blast Freezer. Cold Cabinet

Special Purpose Eqipments

1. Material Conveyor, Trolley, System.

2. Hydraulic or Pneumatic Operated Equipments.

3.Roasting Machine.

Tanks & Vessels

1. Open Tank: For Storage, Process -ing, Chemical reactions, etc.

2 Pressure Vessel: For Processing, Carrying out chemical reaction under pressure or vacuum

3. Reaction Vessel: For various Chem Reactions. With> Heating, Cooling
or Chilling jacket; limpet Coil; Stirrer, Agitator; Dosing, Sparging

4. Container, Jar, Drum: For Agitat- ing, Stirring, Mixing, Heating, etc.

Special Process Equipments

1. Fermentor : For special chemical or plysical changes in product. Facilities, connection & attachments for proper processing.

2.Centrifuge: To reduce/remove liquid, oil, water, etc. from solid product. Special, high speed rotating basket. Separated liquid is collected & taken out from bottom l

3. Extractor: To separate liquid, oil,
etc. from Powder, Pulp, etc.

4. Grinding Mill, Pulverizer: To grind dry items: Grains, Spices, Sugar, etc Can be used for wet grinding also

5.Granulator, Roller Crusher: For
size reduction of dry, solid products

Heating Systems

1. Heat Exchanger: Very efficient. High/ Low pro Shell & Tube or Other Type.

2.Oven: For temp. up to 500°C.

3. Dryer: For quick, uniform,

• Following Types of Dryers ailable:

A. Standard Dryer: Tray type. Int'/Ext. air heating by Electricity/lPG/Wood.

B. Drum Dryer: Rotating Drum/Rotor. Cont. movement of material. Drying
time is much less.

c. Suction Dryer : Additional suct. blower for drying at low temp is much less.

D. acuum Dryer : For quick & effectional drying at ambient or less hot temp.

E. Fluding bed dryer : Ultimate drying

4.Pan, Kettle, Boiling Vessel: MixingHeating, Boiling liquid products Juice, Syrup, Milk, Jam, Sauce. team or Oil jacketed. With or Oil jacketed. With or without Stirrer

5. Steamer, Cooker: Effective Steaming! Cooking in closed vessel, at relatively high pro to reduce time

6. Auto-Clave: For Product rilization
under pro by steam or hot air

7. Steam/Hot Water/Hot air/Hot Oil Generator: Electricity, LPG, Wood, Bagasse, Coal, etc

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