Hulled Sesame Seeds

Bora Agro Foods is now offering mechanically hulled sesame seeds made with a new, innovative, 100% Chemical-Free Hulling Process.

✓ Mechanically Hulled Sesame Seeds
✓ 100% Chemical-Free Hulling Process
✓ Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process
✓ Purity up to 99.99%
✓ Retains Wholesomeness of Sesame Kernel
✓ Retains Natural Flavour of Sesame
✓ Excellent Flavour & Aroma after Toasting
✓ Perfect for applications where Hulled Sesame Seeds is among primary ingredients (Tahini, Halva, etc.)
✓ Excellent choice for people looking for non-chemically processed food options

Price : 105 - 110/kg

Company Name : Bora Agro Foods